Thrust Sheets

Improve your coilovers performance and reduce unwanted spring noise with Swift Thrust Sheets. These proprietary self lubricating sheets will allow your coilover springs to smoothly rotate around the perch under compression. This enables the load on the spring to be more evenly distributed easing the pre-load and reducing the noise created under spring compression. Swifts Thrust Sheets will work for most coilover systems and are offered in 60mm, 65mm and 70mm applications. Each kit comes with 4 self lubricating thrust sheets and 4 stainless steel shims.

All Kits come with 4 thrust sheets & 4 metal washer sheets (1 kit for 2 springs).

Part Number Inner Diameter
Inch mm
044101 2.37 60
544202 2.56 65
744303 2.76 70
Stacked Spring Adapter Kit

The stack spring adapter is made out of a similar self lubricating plastic as our thrust sheets. It has many advantages over its steel or aluminum counterpart:

- Extremely light weight
- Will let the spring unwind when needed upon compression
- Will not damage the threads on shockbody when contact occurs

Adapter kit comes with an adapter and 2 metal washer sheets (1 kit for 1 springs)

Part Number Inner Diameter
Inch mm
SP60 2.37 60
SP65 2.56 65
SP70 2.76 70
Used to stuck flat wire spring on round wire spring.

(Sold individually)

Retainers designed for Swift Bump Springs. Our retainers holds the bump spring by the outer diameter of the springs. The round wire bump spring has a total OD. Of 2.19” and our flat wire bump spring has a total OD of 2.5” OD Design eliminates the multiple size retainer, with the OD register one size works on the entire line (different shaft sizes available).

For OD 2.0" Bump Spring

PART NUMBER Shaft Diameter
BSR500 1/2"
BSR551 14mm
BSR625 5/8"

For OD 2.3" Flat Wire Bump Spring

PART NUMBER Shaft Diameter
BSR500S 1/2"
BSR551S 14mm
BSR625S 5/8"

Penske Bump Cap for OD 2.3" Flat Wire Bumps


Our spring bags are a durable cover designed to protect both the spring and the shock shaft. They have been custom made to fit the Swift Springs designs.

SSB250-120 ID2.5" x 12"
SSB250-140 ID2.5" x 14"
SSB250-160 ID2.5" x 16"
SSB250-200 ID2.5" x 20"
SSB2550-180 ID2.5" / OD5.0" x 16"~18"
SSB500-130 OD5.0" x 13"
SSB500-160 OD5.0" x 16"
SSB500-200 OD5.0" x 20"

Bump Spring Stacker

Introducing the correct way to stack a bump spring. Our bump spring stackers allows you to create any combination of rate using our flat wire bump springs. Comes with an adjustable lock nut giving you the ability to lock out the lower bump spring at the compression of your choosing allowing for a fully customizable true dual rate bump spring setup.