Swift Springs - Circle Track


Standard Conventional Springs

Conventional Round Track Springs

Precision Engineered for the Oval.

Dominate round track racing with springs designed for champions. Our Conventional Springs hit the sweet spot in spring rate, providing the vehicle with the precise balance of stability and agility where it counts the most on the track.

Standard Coilover Springs

Standard Coilover Springs

Customize Your Control.

Our Standard Coilover Springs, available for 1.88”, 2.5”, and 3” ID coilovers, embody our commitment to precision. They boast an exceptionally linear rate and industry-leading stroke capability for a tailor-made ride that feels just right.

Assist & Helper Springs

Assist & Helper Springs

Perfect Your Suspension's Poise.

Swift Assist/Helper Springs are the secret to maintaining the desired suspension droop. Engineered to eliminate slack and fine-tune your vehicle’s setup, these springs are crucial for the keen tuner looking to perfect their ride’s balance.

Bump Springs & Retainers

Bump Springs

Refine Your Ride's Response

Transition smoothly over track imperfections with Swift Bump Springs, designed to replace traditional rubber bump stops. These springs ensure a higher amount of shock stroke travel with a consistent linear rate, offering the nuanced control needed to edge out the competition.

Flat Track Motorcycle

Flat Track Motorcycle Springs

Lightweight Design, Maximum Performance.

Experience the only springs crafted specifically for flat track motorcycles. Swift Flat Track Motorcycle Springs are engineered for lightness and a consistent linear response throughout the stroke, ensuring peak performance on the dirt track.

Suspension Tuning Accessories

Suspension Tuning Accessories

The Details That Deliver Victory.

Our Suspension Tuning Accessories range from Thrust Sheets that diminish spring noise to Spring Bags that shield both spring and shock shaft. It’s the small details that complete the winning formula of your vehicle’s suspension setup.





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