Standard Conventional Springs

Developed specifically for Round track racing. Designed to have the optimal spring rate sweet spot where the spring is used on actual vehicle.

Standard Coilover Springs

Made for 1.88", 2.5", and 3" ID coilovers, made with extremely linear rate as well as the most amount of stroke in the industry.

Assist / Helper

These are used to not only take up excess slack in the coilovers, but also used to set the droop preferred in your setup

Bump Springs

Designed to replace rubber bump stops, Swift bump springs are engineered to utilize a higher amount of shock stroke travel via a consistent linear rate. Our industry leading bump springs provide the winning edge of fine tuning.

Flat Track

Only springs developed specifically for flat track motorcycles. Designed to be extremely light weight, and linear all the way through the stroke.


Items to enhance your suspension tuning