Swift Springs - Race products


Standard Coilover Springs

Customize Your Control.

Our Standard Coilover Springs, available for 1.88”, 2.5”, and 3” ID coilovers, embody our commitment to precision. They boast an exceptionally linear rate and industry-leading stroke capability for a tailor-made ride that feels just right.

Metric Coilover Springs

Precision Tuning, Classic Design.

Our Metric Coilover Springs stand as the cornerstone of custom suspension tuning. Crafted for those who demand precision, adjustability and a timeless coilover approach, these springs are the quintessence of Swift Springs’ racing heritage and innovation. Tailor your suspension characteristics to achieve the exact performance profile your driving demands.

Assist & Helper Springs

Perfect Your Suspension's Poise.

Swift Assist/Helper Springs are the secret to maintaining the desired suspension droop. Engineered to eliminate slack and fine-tune your vehicle’s setup, these springs are crucial for the keen tuner looking to perfect their ride’s balance.

Suspension Tuning Accessories

The Details That Deliver Victory.

Our Suspension Tuning Accessories range from Thrust Sheets that diminish spring noise to Spring Bags that shield both spring and shock shaft. It’s the small details that complete the winning formula of your vehicle’s suspension setup.





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